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Map Smartz Brooke W. Smartz, LEED AP
Ms. Smartz is the manager for Sustainable Products for Holcim (US). She has experience with both local and national conferences, recently presenting on Sustainability and Performance Cement Specifications at an industry technology forum. Ms. Smartz has a BS in civil engineering and has worked with Holcim (US) for more than 10 years. She can speak on various cement and concrete topics, from the fundamentals to specific topics like sustainability.

Ms. Smartz can provide continuing education credits with AIA upon request. She can speak on a range of topics concerning cement, concrete, and sustainability. | 303-392-3749
Map Cox Charles “Chuck” Cox, LEED AP, Waste Cap AP, CGP
Mr. Cox has been with Lafarge NA for more than 8 years and is the manager of Business Development. He has expertise in manufacturing, marketing and technical services, and has experiencing speaking on a range of topics including how cement, SCMs, and concrete contribute to sustainability.

All of Mr. Cox presentations are registered with AIA’s continuing education system. They include: Understanding Green Construction: Concrete & Sustainability (LAFSU1), Masonry Materials Contribution to Green Building Certification (SDMAS1), Supplementary Cementious Materials (SCM101), and GGBFS Production and Application. | 816-251-2149
Map Melissa O. Harrison Melissa O. Harrison, P.E., LEED AP
Ms. Harrison is the regional marketing analyst with Lafarge NA. She has cement plant environment and process experience along with an understanding of field technical service. She is able to speak on a wide range of topics including concrete and LEED, ICF housing, and LEED applicability to masonry and precast/pre-stressed concrete among other topics.

Ms. Harrison has presentations that provide AIA continuing education credits. The topics covered include: concrete and LEED: impact of cement and concrete on resources; LEED and how concrete products can apply; manufacturing of portland cement; and concrete mix design fundamentals. She can speak to groups of any level and can tailor her talks to her audience which has included commercial and residential builders, architects, engineers, and college students. | 678-746-2036
Map All William L. Behie
Mr. Behie has more than 25 years of laboratory and field experience with masonry and concrete. He is a masonry specialist with Holcim (US). Mr. Behie is chair of ASTM sub-committee C1-11 Masonry cement and is also certified with PCA and the National Concrete Masonry Association as a masonry and field inspector.

Mr. Behie has a presentation that is approved by AIA entitled Masonry 101: Talking About Specification Workmanship and Testing in the Field. It covers different mortars and uses among other things and is geared towards architects. | 803-496-2711
Map All Paul Brooks
Mr. Brooks has been in the concrete industry for more than 27 years specializing
in technical services and sales. He is a product manager for Holcim (US) and has extensive experience speaking to both large and small groups on a range of topics from supplementary cementitious materials to mineral and chemical admixtures.
Mr. Brooksl can present on slag, fly ash, LEED, cement, concrete, and mineral and chemical admixtures. Some presentations are registered to provide AIA continuing credits. Please check with Mr. Brooks for more information on AIA courses. | 518-424-4431
Map All Edward W. Deaver
Mr. Deaver has nearly 30 years of experience working in the concrete industry, spending more than 10 of those years concentrating on concrete promotion. Other roles he has played in the industry include concrete constructor, field engineer, DOT materials engineer, and, in his current role, technical service engineer. Mr. Deaver works for Holcim (US) and sits on the education committee with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. He works with many customers and testing laboratories on educating the concrete industry on the properties of concrete and concrete construction.

Mr. Deaver is not registered to give AIA credits and his primary audience is the cement and concrete industry. He has the following presentations available: Cement Safety/Safety Concerns When using Portland Cements; Cement: The Concrete Binder/Chemical & Physical Reactions in Cement; Virtual Tour of the Cement Manufacturing Process/Quarry to Finished Product; Basics of Concrete Construction Problems/Cause & Effects; and Concrete: The World’s Most Versatile Construction Material. | 803-714-7044
Map All Mark D. Luther, M.S., FACI
Mr. Luther is a senior technical service engineer with Holcim (US) and has conducted more than one thousand speeches and presentations related to concrete. Due to his extensive speaking experience, Mr. Luther can present on a wide range of topics relating to the cement and concrete industry, from admixtures to slag cement to concrete basics and troubleshooting concrete products.

Mr. Luther has more than 40 presentations in his repertoire. Please contact him for
a complete list. Mr. Luther reviews and updates each presentation regularly and customizes it to the specific topic focus and the listeners/audience. At this time, none of the presentations are registered for AIA credits. Some of Mr. Luther’s presentations include: Aggregates for Concrete; Cements, Pozzolans, Slag Cements and Water;
Cold Weather Concreting; Concrete Basics; Concrete Pavement Durability; High Performance Concrete; Inane Experiences in the Concrete and Cement Industry; Making Cements and Pozzolans; Slag Cement and Slag-Cement Concrete Basics; Slag Cement Mass Concrete Case Studies; and Troubleshooting Concrete Problems. | 314-409-4011
Map Smartz Dave Nicholas, LEED AP
Mr. Nichols develops marketing communications content, public relations materials, and company literature for High Concrete Group LLC. A LEED® Accredited Professional, he has more than 20 years of experience in the building materials industry and commercial and industrial communications. He is a voting member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) Sustainability Committee and is active in the Knowledge Resources Task Group. Mr. Nicholas can present on various topics and most recently has focused on speaking with architects, engineers, and general contractors.

Mr. Nicholas can present on: sustainable design/LEED; energy efficiency; architectural and structural precast concrete projects; and carbon fiber-reinforced precast concrete. | 717-336-9489
Map All Kenneth C. Bauer, PE, FPCI
Mr. Bauer has more than 30 years of experience in the precast concrete industry. He is a fellow of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), and co-holds patents for use of carbon fiber reinforcing in precast plus eight other precast-related patents, including the tilt-frame transporter which enables safe hauling of 15-foot and 16-foot wide double tees without the use of escort vehicles. As the former director of engineering for High Concrete Structures, Inc. and in his current capacity as director of R&D for High Concrete Group, Mr. Bauer has participated in the design and engineering of commercial and multi-family residential projects throughout the mid-Atlantic and in the Midwest. Mr. Bauer speaks on a wide range of topics focusing on architects and engineers as his audience.

Mr. Bauer can present on: lightweight precast concrete; architectural and structural precast concrete projects; carbon fiber-reinforced precast concrete; sustainable design/LEED; precast concrete engineering; concrete mix design; new product development; and the precast Industry. | 717-336-9340
Map All AJ Sassaman
Mr. Sassaman has been in the precast industry since 1987, specializing in architectural precast concrete. In 1996 he joined High Concrete within the Sales and Marketing department. He served as an executive board member of the Mid-Atlantic Precast Association from 2000 to 2001, as secretary/treasurer, 2003-2004, as vice president, and from 2004 to 2005 as president of the association. Mr. Sassaman currently continues as a board member. In addition, Mr. Sassaman is past president of the board the Pennsylvania Fire Safe Construction Advisory Council, which promotes non-combustible construction through the use of balanced design methods.

Mr. Sassaman usually speaks to architects, engineers and general contractors. He can speak on the following topics: architectural and structural precast concrete projects; carbon fiber-reinforced precast concrete; sustainable design/LEED; energy efficiency; and the precast industry. | 717-682-5176
Map All Gary C. Graziano, AIA
With nearly 30 years of experience in architecture, construction, building products development, marketing, and construction information, Mr. Graziano manages marketing and strategic planning for High Concrete Group LLC. He is a co-holder of
US and international patents for various carbon fiber reinforced precast concrete products. An AIA member, Mr. Graziano is the secretary for the AltusGroup, Inc.,
a partnership of precasters developing sustainable carbon fiber reinforcement for precast concrete. He serves as treasurer for the Mid-Atlantic Precast Association (MAPA), and is an active member of the Design on the Delaware Committee of AIA Philadelphia.

Mr. Graziano usually speaks to architects, engineers, and general contractors on the following topics: lightweight precast concrete; architectural and structural precast concrete projects; carbon fiber-reinforced precast concrete; sustainable design/LEED; energy efficiency; and the precast industry. | 717-336-9434
Map All Michael B. Achilles
Mr. Achilles has more than 30 years of experience in the precast concrete industry.
A member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), he is active on the Marketing Committee and the Total Precast Solutions Committee. Mr. Achilles is a current member and past Architectural Committee Chair of the Mid-Atlantic Precast Association. Mr. Achilles is a board member of the AltusGroup, Inc., a partnership of the nation’s largest precasters developing sustainable carbon fiber reinforcement for precast concrete, and is a frequent presenter and moderator at AltusGroup seminars and forums.

Mr. Achilles generally speaks to architects, engineers, and general contractor on the following topics: lightweight precast concrete; architectural and structural precast concrete projects; carbon fiber-reinforced precast concrete; sustainable design/LEED; and the precast industry. | 201-341-2319

Map Prusinski Jan Prusinski, MBA, LEED AP
Mr. Prusinski is the executive director of the Cement Council of Texas. He has extensive experience presenting on sustainability specifically as it relates to cement and concrete. Mr. Prusinski has a BS in Civil and Structural Engineering, a MBA, and is also a LEED AP. He serves on numerous ACI committees and well as TRB committees.

Mr. Prusinski can present on numerous topics including: Cement, Concrete, and Sustainability; Sustainable Paving Options; and Concrete and LEED. | 817-540-4437
Map All Larry Rowland, LEED AP
Mr. Rowland is an accomplished speaker with over 20 years of experience in the construction and material sales industries. He has presented at the National Conventions of the American Institute of Architects and the American Concrete Institute, (ACI). Mr. Rowland regularly speaks to producers; architects, engineers and students about material best practices and the topic of sustainability. He manages training of sales and technical representatives and the development of Lehigh’s white cement division’s sustainability and continuing education programs. Mr. Rowland is a member of the Construction Specifiers Institute as a Certified Construction Product Representative. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council; the local chapter of the USGBC.

Mr. Rowland can give the following USGBC Education Provider Program and AIA Continuing Education Systems accredited presentation Concrete for Cool Communities; Architectural Concrete for a Sustainable Future; What is White Cement? & Its Applications; What is White Cement? & Its Attributes and Advantages: and What is White Cement? & Its Applications, Attributes and Advantages. | 610-366-4645

Map Buffenbarger Julie Buffenbarger, LEED AP
Ms. Buffenbarger is an engineering and architectural specialist with Lafarge NA. She has spoken at various national, regional and local sustainability events on cement, concrete, masonry tilt-up and transportation segments. Ms. Buffenbarger has a MS in Chemistry and is a LEED AP.

Ms. Buffenbarger can give the following presentations which are registered with AIA for continuing education credits: Concrete and Cementitious Materials Contribution to Sustainability; Masonry Materials Contributions to Sustainability as well as many other segment specific sustainability presentations. | 216-701-1537
Map Kalyn Shawn Kalyn
Mr. Kalyn is a technical services engineer with St. Marys Cement. He has spoken numerous times to AIE and ACI regional chapters and has expertise in concrete which he regularly shares with customers. Mr. Kalyn is particularly knowledgeable in the fields of slag cement and sustainability.

Mr. Kalyn can give the following presentations: Cement Association of Canada Introduction to Sustainability. He can also present on Slag Cement. | 216-308-8490