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Atrium retrofit sheds light on new green office space
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Busby + Associates Architects renovated 1220 Homer Street building as additional office space for their growing firm. The firms wanted to use their office space as an example of a green office space. That would minimize environmental impacts and show their commitment to sustainability. The design for their new space was driven by a desire for an open floor plan, natural daylight and natural ventilation. The concrete building already had an open floor plan and some operable windows but availability of daylight was minimal. By cutting large openings into the concrete slab flooring, two atriums provide all floors with daylight and enhance natural ventilation. To ensure their new office would not need a major renovation any time soon they installed flexible, modular workstations that enable the interior environment to be easily reconfigured.

Owner/Architect: Busby and Associates Ltd.

Credits: Busby and Associates Ltd. ( )